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Back from Break: Setting Intentions for Spring

You’re relaxed and revitalized – keep that going into the spring by being intentional with your habits

Spring Break is coming to an end, and you feel recharged, relaxed, feeling good. But how do you keep that going for the rest of the spring semester? How do you not allow yourself to feel exhausted the second you step back into the classroom? My suggestion: be intentional in your approach to re-entry. Set your intentions for the spring semester.

Take your rejuvenation from your vacation into the classroom.

I just spent a rejuvenating week in and around the Great Smoky Mountains. I was able to lose myself in scenic hikes, amazing waterfalls, inspirational art, and welcoming people. I feel revived. And I want to keep that feeling going as long as I can. To do that I’m going to set a few intentions for the next few months – months I know will be busy and stressful. Months full of assessment and budgets, planning and marking calendars. It would be very easy to start feeling like I did before the break – tired, frustrated, overwhelmed by all the work that needs to be done. I’m hoping by setting the following intentions that I will maintain this positive feeling into summer.

I intend to be hopeful

It can be easy to expect the worse – to doubt that people will follow through, to brace your self for unwelcome surprises from the powers that be. Instead I am going to strive to be hopeful – to expect the best in others and myself – to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. If I expect the teachers I work with to be hopeful, I have to be hopeful. And teachers, if you want your students to be hopeful, you need to be hopeful. You set the tone in your classroom. And in this upcoming season of testing, hope needs to be everywhere on a campus.

I intend to be as productive as possible

Before the break, I could feel myself dragging and putting off work. For whatever reason, I wasn’t my usual productive self. But I need to be. The work I do, and you do, is important. My teachers need me and your students need you. That means getting things into gear and making it happen. That might mean making other intentional decisions – such as getting enough sleep, eating right, being healthy. Whatever it takes, I’m making a commitment to getting the job done to the best of my ability and not making excuses.

Use your break to fuel the rest of the year.

I intend to be empathetic and supportive

As I mentioned earlier, this time of year can be stressful. Everyone handles stress and pressure differently. I need to be there for my teachers when they feel that stress and pressure. I need to be understanding and remember how it felt during this time of year when I was in the classroom. I need to figure out how I can best support them in their very important work. Teachers, the same goes for you and your students. Many students carry with them large amounts of test anxiety. Others feel the pressure of passing or graduating. For some, the pressure can be debilitating. They need our empathy and understanding, too. How will you support them through this stressful season?

I am hopeful I can stick to these intentions and make the most of spring semester. What intentions do you have? What do you need to do to have a great spring? Feel free to share your ideas.

Welcome back from Spring Break! I am hopeful that it will be a great spring!

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