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Ready for summer?

No matter your plans, summer offers a respite from a busy school year

Many of you may have already said adios to the 2018-19 school year. Some will bid it farewell next week. Either way, summer is on the horizon. That means different things to different people. Some teachers won’t think of setting a foot on campus until everyone is back in August. Others have signed up to teach summer school, interventions, or other programs. Some of you will hit the books hard, working on a master's or PhD. Whatever your summer plans, use them to your advantage, and take the break you need from the frenetic pace of the school year.

Vacation or Stay-cation

For those of you not planning on being on any sort of campus, take this time to reflect on your successes from this year and how you can make your instruction even better next year. Read some new books – some for you – and maybe some new young adult picks – which can also totally be for you. And maybe, just maybe, let new ideas start percolating for next year. Sometimes it’s when you’re relaxed that you come up with your best ideas.

Summer school all the way

If you’re sticking around campus for at least a couple weeks, think about what you can do without the constraints of the regular school year. Do you want to try something new with your summer class? Experiment? Take a risk? Maybe you have some of the same students and want to see how a new approach works. Let new ideas float around in your mind. Have fun!

Summer school for you – aka grad school

If you’re hitting the books, take advantage of just getting to focus on your learning. It can be hard to juggle papers and projects of your own when you’re trying to plan and grade your students’ work. This summer you get to focus on you! Personal growth and development are essential to your wellbeing as a teacher. Dive deep and discover your academic passions!

All teachers, everywhere

Allow yourself to not think about work – at least for a time. Rest. Revitalize as much you can, given your schedule. Spend time with friends and family. Travel! Sleep in. Catch up on Netflix. Enjoy cooking when it’s not all about meal prepping for the week. Enjoy the summer. Then come back ready for another fantastic year!

Have a great summer break!

And just a note: I’m not taking this summer off from blogging (though I will get a much-needed break somewhere in there). Keep a lookout for my latest blogs and website updates. More to come!

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