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Respond please: Meet Strand 3

This strand helps teachers determine how students should be responding to material they read, listen to, and watch.

Strand 3 is all about student response

Strand 3 is all about students’ response skills. Students are asked to respond to sources they read, hear, and view. Just like in Strand 2, the sources they respond to should become more challenging as the students progress through the grade levels.

What do you need to know?

This strand is new, but likely encompasses skills and activities you already do in the classroom. The student expectations describe ways students can respond to a source.

Grades K-2: Students are asked to describe personal connections, provide oral or written response to a text, use text evidence, retell/paraphrase texts, interact with sources in meaningful ways, and respond using new vocabulary. The expectations change slightly at each grade level.

Grades 3-5: In addition to the above standards, students must write responses to the text and students must now discuss ideas in the text.

Grades 6-7: Adding to the above standards, student must both discuss and write about ideas in the text, as well as respond orally or in writing with appropriate register, vocabulary, tone, and voice. They are also asked to reflect and adjust responses when they run into new evidence.

Grades 8-12: Building on the above mentioned standards, students are asked to defend of challenge an author’s claims using text evidence.

Notice how the skills progress as the students progress though the grade levels. They start with actions like describing, retelling, and paraphrasing and work their way up to defend and challenge. Also notice, the response, with the exception of a couple, does not have to be written. Students can respond orally. This could be part of a classroom discussion, and it allows various types of differentiation.

Similar to strands 1 & 2, strand 3 will likely show up in your lesson plans every day. It will support every unit and every genre. It also supports the goal of reading, writing, speaking, and listening every day.

So far we have delved into the first three strands. These will be used to support the rest of the content in the other strands. Stay tuned for more information on those!

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