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Take the break...really!

In what seems like the busiest time of the year, it can be hard to unplug. Just do it!

Spring break is here, and we all need the break. But will we take it? Will we step away from lesson planning or assessment logistics or benchmark data long enough to actually revitalize? My suggestion is: do it!

Don’t take the work home

Those essays you need to grade? That data you need to disaggregate? Leave it. Don’t take home work that will fester in the corner and lord over your vacation. This is especially true if you’re staying home. And please, if you’re traveling anywhere, this should all go without saying, but… I’ll say it. Do not take that work with you on a plane, train, or… It will make your vacation seem less like a vacation.


Sometimes sketchy cell service or no wi-fi is actually a blessing in disguise. It forces you to not check email… including that work email. Or that work social media. Or your Google classroom. Or… the list goes on. So even if you have fantastic LTE and immaculate free wi-fi, don’t check that work email. Don’t check your class message boards. Relax and unplug. Let your mind wander to other places.

Read for pleasure

I know the thought has popped into your head. I should read that professional development book to be ready for our next book study meeting. Or I need to read the mentor texts from the next unit to create text-dependent questions. Stop. Pick up or check out a book you really want to read. You know, a perfect beach read – easy, breeze, maybe fun and suspenseful. Whatever floats the boat you may actually be on this spring break. Bottom line: read for enjoyment. Be the reader you want your students to be when they are on vacation!

Enjoy your friends and family

Spend time with those you love. Busy work schedules can get in the way of quality time, so take advantage of those free days to just hang out. Go out to lunch with friends. Netflix all day with family. Do you the things you dream of doing all week. Have fun!

I hope everyone has a relaxing and refreshing spring break! And I will also do my best to take my own advice! We can worry about those new TEKS when we get back from our vacation!

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